Olga Tsareva

Olga Tsareva : The driving principle of my drawings is always the search for the equilibrium of three-dimensional illusion and a flat surface, the actual image and a sign, the real and a hint. I am not seeking a real image, but only its likening; an allegory, a transformation. In my latest series I see my task as to portray the very dynamics of life through various objects – fountains of water, branches of bushes, fluttering flags, or streaks of rain. Drawing offers the possibility of leaving any portion of working surface untouched. These clean white spaces are a very powerful, decisive component of drawing. The expanse which surrounds the actual subject is theoretical. Because of the white background the image can “be” without the completion of the environment, thus image lives in its own ideal space, in its own “universe”. olga@olgatsareva.com