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Vanessa Enriquez: I use drawing as a means to investigate the inner nature of things, to reveal the hidden connections and patterns in life and nature. In Zirkel, a project in collaboration with artist Ilya Noé, we experiment with circular gestures using chalk on black¬boards. The possibility to erase allows us to draw/sketch freely and learn from the process through continuous response to one another and the material, resulting in a graphical grammar of motion and notation that will continue to be developed, recalibrated and adapted as new types of movements are introduced into our shared drawing practice. Through the methodical exploration of angles, rotations, extents and limitations of different joints, and the repetition of specific gestures and sequences, we are able to trace our particularities and differences, as well as locate and measure the subtle variations of our movements and positions across time. In other words, we become compasses (Zirkel), and the resulting drawings become diagnostic maps.