The Centre for Recent Drawing invites contributions to a C4RD concept based on the fan magazine – the Zine for Recent Drawing or Z4RD. The Z(ine)4RD is a programme to produce a limited edition publication that exists between the artist’s book and the ‘zine; an artist’s book in its limited art production, and zine in its fusing of collective enthusiasm, accessible production and localised interest.

ZIne edition numbers are limited to twenty; there is a Guest Editor for each volume, executive edited by the Director of C4RD. Proposals are taken from prospective Guest Editors, who will also propose the format of each individual volume. It is an opportunity to encourage the practice of inventive, thematic and historical aspects of drawing in the tradition of a drawing publication. Contributors are asked to supply the actual pages (x 20) which may be made of any flexible medium for inclusion in the volume; the pages should be unsigned, although the contributors will be broadly acknowledged within the volume. All prospective contributions are submitted by email initially in order to be accepted before contributors embark on the production of the actual pages. The work is bound in a manner determined by the guest editor and will be available from C4RD and selected venues in London.

Z4RD Volume 1: Drawings to Murder Magic

For the first Z4RD Drawings to Murder Magic, contributors were asked to respond to the work of Antonin Artaud, including his approach to drawing and his metaphysics of the creative gesture; contributors were particularly asked to respond to the volume, Fifty Drawings to Murder Magic which has been recently made available in English by Seagull Press, translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith. These pages were then bound with a solid spine of wax

Z4RD Volume 2: Box of Desires

HANDJOY curator and artist Paul Kindersley guest edited Volume 2, which is presented in a plain brown A4 cardboard box, that, like Pandora’s, upon opening unleashes the secrets, desires and fantasies of the artists involved. Over 40 artists contributed 20 original artworks, ranging from original drawings to poems to DVDs to photos. This edition is a unique opportunity to own a collection of exciting artworks by new and established international artists. A cornucopia of drawings, from the pornographic to the abstract, exploring the energy of the artists hand. A plain box, a time capsule, hidden under a bed, opened in private, explored, each encounter offers up something different, individual artworks, for the owner to paw over, investigate, watch, read. Trying to evoke the excitement and longing of desire, Box of Desires, presents a unique artwork, a thrilling secret exhibition.

If you are interested in either of these editions please email us at C4RD. The limited edition of only 20 boxes is available for only £120.00 pounds from both C4RD and Walter Koenig books at 80 Charing Cross Rd, WC2 020 7240 8190 www.koenigbooks.co.uk. BOTH ZINES NOW SOLD OUT