D4RD – Documents for Recent Drawing

Joel Fisher – Apographs  is  curator Dominic Rich’s examination of this body of work by Joel Fisher; Dominic Rich curated the exhibition of the same name at C4RD in 2009. This volume is available in paperback from C4RD for £ 15.00. With colour illustrations. Currently out of print.
The Interstices of Enjoyment, or How to Draw with Zizek by Andrew Hewish, features an essay based in his keynote address of the same name at the Drawing Research Network conference in 2008. It examines Zizek’s volume The Parallax View as a paradigm for understanding the operation of desire in the reception of drawing. This volume is available in paperback from C4RD for £ 15.00. Currently out of print.
Phantasieblume, – Nick Fox is a survey of the work of artist Nick Fox. Edited with an introduction by Andrew Hewish, of C4RD, an introduction Paul Stone of Vane Gallery, essays by Philip Auslander and Stephanie Brown, with contributions from Clive Jennings, George Chakravarthi and Matthew Hearn and full-colour images of work from his 2009 C4RD exhibition, currently on show with additional work at Vane, Newcastle. Phantasieblume is 25x20cm in size, has 68 pages, a hard cover bound in red book-cloth with colour illustrations and is published in an edition of 650. Publication was supported by Art Editions North. Phantasieblume is available in red hardcover at £17. It can be found at http://www.cornerhouse.org/bookstore/product/phantasieblume. A signed limited edition in blue hardcover of Phantasieblume containing a laser cut digital print, reverse hand-printed and signed by the artist is also available, bound in navy blue book-cloth. Published in an edition of 50 it is available only from C4RD at £65).
Thomas Müller – Touching Relating Dividing is part of our Documents for Recent Drawing Monograph Series featuring the German artist Thomas Müller edited with text by Artist and Founder of the Centre For Recent Drawing, Andrew Hewish, as part of the ‘Documents for Recent Drawing’ Monograph series. The book also includes an essay on drawing by Gordon Shrigley, artist and founder of Marmalade publishers of visual theory and the transcript of an interview between Thomas Müller, Andrew Hewish and Dominic Rich. Through his drawings Müller investigates the endless possibilities of all kinds of material on paper through a combination of ink, pen, pencil and oil paint, he creates multifaceted sets of drawings, which evoke contrasts and interactions. Another characteristic element is his arrangement of the works, which he installs as incomplete sets that spatialise and infinitely extend the series. Thomas Müller was born in Germany in 1959. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe. He lives and works in Stuttgart. A large installation of Thomas Müller’s work was on exhibition at the Pompidou Centre, Paris (Centre national d’art et de culture Georges-Pompidou), in 2011. Thomas Müller – Touching Relating Dividing is published in cloth hardcover with colour illustrations and is available in London from C4RD, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art or  X Marks the Bökship, OR in Europe at Vidal-Saint Phalle, Paris, Fruesorge Contemporary Drawing, Berlin, Gallery Schégl, Zürich and Michael Sturm, Stuttgart.

Flea – Joe Graham. The series ‘Flea’ by Joe Graham, which forms the basis of this Document for Recent Drawing, is a series of seventy-five transfer drawings taking as their starting point an image from William Blake’s “The Ghost of a Flea” (c.1819-1820) currently in the Tate Collection, London. Dominic Rich curated the exhibition of the same name at C4RD in 2009. Flea – Joe Graham features an introduction by Andrew Hewish and essays by curators Tom Morton and Dominic Rich. Produced by the Centre for Recent Drawing, London. Flea is available in paperback with B+W illustrations in the UK for £15 including postage (other countries may be more), and can be only be purchased online by clicking this link here.