Mismatch 70x55cm marker pen on paper

Simon Parish: Drawing allows me to operate in a space that is neither painting nor photography but is something like them both. The particular materials I use, marker pens, allow me to think like a painter without painting. Drawing can operate quickly and efficiently and have the clarity of photography. I like this hybrid state and feel my drawing operates in a place away from modern technology and back to the handmade. I collect photographs as source material for my drawings. These range from my travel photographs to those found in newspapers and magazines to those sourced from the internet. The selections of photographs I work with often reflect an emergent aesthetic which has been observed in the flickr phenomenon; yet my selections can also reach beyond this aesthetic. The way I select and collect images leads to the emergence of subject matter that resists easy classification. Still there is a recognizable ‘eye’ and sensibility at work, and a recognizable consistency elsewhere – in the ways that the images are rendered in marker pen for example.