Phoebe Boswell : Concerned with the dualities and conundrums of contemporary society, I use drawing as a tool in which to order and present my observations. Born in Kenya, brought up in the Middle East, and educated in the UK, I have experienced the very transient nature of our global world. Shifting patterns of migration ensure that personal identities have become complex and splintered by contemporary life, and placed in a state of constant redefinition. The result is contradictory; it creates a sense of both immense freedom and overwhelming flux. It is this subtle contradiction, this middle point, which I seek to explore within my work. The use of charcoal or graphite means that, at any moment, the motif can disappear through erasure, and change direction through redrawing. This destabilises notions of permanence in the finished drawings and in-so-doing, raises philosophical questions as to the gravity of the content.