Sarah Ledermann – Crowds and Spit

1 March – 30 June 2021

During the Covid-19 health alert C4RD is closed to visitors but our exhibitions can be viewed in larger resolution online here

“These drawings are a relief from painting.

Paint became heavy and dirty but for now drawing is light and unburdened.

These drawings are combinations of ideas and thoughts, memories, imagined places. They are appropriated images from other artist work.

I normally feel disgust towards birds. I see pigeons in the alleyway pecking at boxes of cottage chicken left from a night out. Yet in April the robins, tits and finches seem to appear. I made friends with two magpies as nature began to take over. Their sinister nature changes from that of the cannibal to symbolizing an absence of humanity. In the height of lock down there was a debate over whether bird song had got louder or if it was just the lack of traffic and aircrafts that made us hear them more clearly. Bird song was a sinister stand in for the sounds of humanity.  

I have a book ‘art Erotiave’ which I go to when I am stuck. I repeat drawings from this book over and over again. Over lock down I squeezed as many figures as I could onto a page. So many people touching. Close together. The drawing became a fantasy of touch…. So many dreams about crowds, which is now where my new disgust lies. But in my drawing I can squeeze them together, as tightly as possible.” SL

C4RD presents a set of drawings developed for a book of drawings and writing that Lederman has been working on for 2 years since her residency at Los Angeles at East Side International.

In the Autumn of 2017 she went to Los Angeles for a month after a breakup.  When she wasn’t crying according to Lederman, she spent her days writing and drawing. That year as now there were terrible fires spreading across southern California. The air was thick with smoke. For Lederman it was strange being in an environment that mirrored her own emotional inner turmoil. The book is a creative expression of that time, a mixture of heartbreak, smoke, chlorine and California sunshine.

Sarah Lederman is a London based artist who has exhibited internationally including in London, New York, Finland, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. She recently had a solo exhibition at 53 Beck Road in London.

After Graduating from her BA at Chelsea College of Art Lederman won the Catlin Prize. She was selected to be a part of the Hooper Residency Program in Los Angeles in 2015 and was shortlisted for the Griffin Art prize in 2014, exhibiting her work as one of the shortlisted artists. Lederman was selected as part of Space K, ‘London Now Show’ in Seoul in 2017 where she exhibited alongside other talent from London. Most recently she was chosen to participate in the Griffin studio residency in 2018.
Her work is held in numerous private and public collections internationally. 

Sarah Lederman’s recent risograph publication can be purchased here:

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