Max Morey – Burrows

Max Morey – Burrows

Hatley Residency

July – August 2022


Max Morey-Burrows (B.1999, London) is a dedicated drawing artist, who utilises graphite as the most pertinent way to express his ideas. The drawings he makes are complex meditations on his readings of spiritual texts, scientific theory and his thoughts. Using geometry and acute measurements to convey and articulate. He harnesses the agency of chance and the metaphysical in his work, while also vigorously researching, threading this learning through his drawings.

His practice is concerned with how we as humans relate to the interconnected universe that surrounds us and how we might begin understanding reality in its truest form. His work is also, therefore, able to be a commentary on this human motive to strive for true understanding. Through his exploration of these questions – from the perspectives of Physics, Mathematics and Spirituality – Morey-Burrows aims to find intersections within these schools of thought, aiming to find an understanding of the natural world and our place within it.

Morey-Burrows studies Fine Art, BA at Central Saint Martins. He has worked as an artist assistant for Donna Huddlestone, Rob and Nick Carter and as an intern at the graphic design studio Acrylicize.

Throughout the course of his residency, Morey-Burrows will be exploring our relationship to the Divine. What has drawn humans to the spiritual and Eternal for over 40,000 years? And what is the connection between us and the Universal? A pursuit that knows no boundaries and age. Pulling inspiration from religious art, geometry, iconography, modern and ancient science, Morey-Burrows will explore these questions and communicate his thoughts through shade and form.

2-4 Highbury Station Road, London N1 1SB 
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