In this exhibition Julian Wild presents a darkly monochromatic and monumental group of works that explore the relationship between the physical and the propositional. The title ‘Pyre’ refers to a group of works in the exhibition that  reference temporary structures made for destruction.

Wild’s drawing practice works in parallel to his sculptural works and forms a fundamental antidote to the technical complexities and lengthy processes used to complete three-dimensional projects. Drawing allows working more intuitively to explore new ideas. Yet whilst these reference imaginary three-dimensional forms, materials and experiences, these are not as such working drawings – they function successfully as finished works on paper.

In his sculptural works Wild investigates responses to surface and materiality: the liquidity of polished stainless steel, the unification of form created by a layer of colour or the transformative surface of corten steel.

For his exhibition at the Centre for Recent Drawing Wild presents a group of drawings that  explore the expanse and iridescence of fountain pen ink as a material. Wax resist is also used in this body of works to create a sense of light and solid form that is gradually disappearing, removing the form and creating a brooding silhouette. The works in ‘Pyre’ make an oblique reference to the human condition through the representation of these mysterious, monolithic forms.

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