Contact presents work by the Eris Collective, early career artists Paulina Glimas, Dan Haycock and Guy Marshall-Brown, as they employ familiar tropes of drawing – the line, the gesture, the body as index – in a broad range of material, and testing possibilities in the field of drawing as a discipline and its presence in a contemporary context.

Paulina Glimas’ work is grounded in an encounter with nature, experienced  through a series of walks — line-mapping the physical movement of the body through the landscape. The work serves to trace this encounter through different media and processes, creating a personal archive comprising a series of sketches retrospectively from multiple viewpoints.

Guy Marshall-Brown creates ceramic pieces that reference Abstract Expressionism, evoking Pollock’s ‘painting as drawing’ and its place in a history that indexes the human form and movement. By creating vessels through a process of coiling, the artist traces a path around space, drawing our attention to the surface as extension of the line: demarcating boundaries and delineating volume.

Dan Haycock’s work deals with thingness and the animism of things. Pieces inspired by African fetish objects — where the act of driving in nails was believed to animate the sculpture (and might function here as drawing incident) – are presented in dialogue with paintings that transpose the art gesture brushwork with everyday actions like nailing, tying, etc. In this he explores the way in which we “activate” objects in both their drawing aspects of production, but also in our engagement with them.

Please join us for the reception and viewing of the work on the Tuesday 31st March 6-8pm or opening times for this exhibition 1 – 6pm Thursday 2 April to Saturday 4 April 2015, at 2 – 4 Highbury Station Road, Highbury Islington N1 1SB, London. C4RD is a Registered UK Charity 1123530, and would particularly like to acknowledge the support for this exhibition of the Dovehouse Trust.