A Caroming


Reception: 6-8pm Wednesday 25 April 2018

On view: 1 – 6pm 26 April – 5 May 2018

Opening times: Thursday, Friday, Saturdays 1- 6pm

‘The incident’ might be thought one of the fundamentals of drawing – in the form of the mark, the point, the change. These incidents then form for the viewer, a drawing. The carom – in the game of billiards where one ball hits two balls at once, or more generally, to strike and rebound – forms the basis of this research project.

Starting with a work by C4RD Resident Artist Sharon Leahy-Clark, two artists will be invited to respond to this work; these works will form a basis as a response by two more artists per work, and each phase will continue in the same vein.

Artists taking part include Sharon Leahy-Clark, Neil Morley, Rui Matsunaga, David Dipre, Alison Hand, Aly Helyer, Will Peck, Liz Atkin, Paul Cole, Ben Coode-Adams, Ikra Arshad, Anna Jung Seo, Covadonga Valdes, Min Kim, Rosie Wyllie, Nahem Shoa, Piers Secunda, Sean Kennedy, Rosa Hewitt, Kelly Chorpening, Max K Weaver, Gordon Cheung, Mel Cole, Tony Walker, Jordan Mouzouris and Bella Easton.

The resuting work will form an accumulation, or drawing, of each such incident.

The work will be shown at the end of the project 26 April – 5 May 2018 (reception will be 6 – 8pm 25 April).

Concept: Andrew Hewish, with thanks to Rosie Wyllie and Sean Kennedy