Alix Philippe – Platform

26 May – 16 June 2022

Opening 6 – 9pm 26 May 2022

Alix Philippe (b. 1984, Brussels) is a Belgian artist who studied Law at Louvain-la-Neuve University in Belgium and Comics at Saint-Luc Institute in Brussels. She is currently studying painting with Turps Banana in London. Alix has previously held solo shows in Brussels and Paris and exhibited inq group shows and art fairs in London, New York, France and Belgium; recent qresidencies include a 3 months residency in Iceland at Artak350 in 2020 and the Nicky Ginsberg Art Residency in Eygalières, France in 2019. She has been shortlisted for the Louis Schmidt Price in Brussels. 

Her new body of works is based on observation and memories – a departure from her previous largely representational paintings. After a year spent in the Belgian countryside and the very remote Artak350 residency in Iceland, she developed an interest in outdoor painting, textures and more intuitive work. The art of her daily practice fluctuates between figurative and abstraction, playing with pigments and mediums, and likes using her sketches and plein-air paintings made partly on Hampstead Heath in order to develop an abstract language. Although the patterns and shapes appearing in her paintings might at first glance invite the viewer to see a landscape, the work is often purely abstract or simply a suggestion of a natural form but without any representational intention.
Aliz Philippe is a REsident Artist at C4RD. ‘Platform’ is an oblique reference to the artist’s studio facing the platforms of Highbury & Islington rail station, as if the works constitute an abstract diary of an artist. 

2-4 Highbury Station Road, London N1 1SB 
UK Charity 1123530