“I think that gallery is a big surprise for London; elegant and serious and restrained and not at all like anything else here." - Susan Hiller


Drawing as an approach is regaining the importance it once had as a way of thinking or acting that is fundamental to the human experience. It is being considered less as a particular use of materials or sub-activity of a particular discipline, and more as an approach discrete in itself. Drawing defined as the exercise of the imagination or mind on line reinforces drawing’s capacity as a performed analogy (mentally/manually) of the continuum that is human consciousness; two marks, as in mathematics, necessarily make a line. Drawing is essentially a connective understanding; between the eye, the hand, and the mind.

C4RD’s purpose is to make space for drawing. By maintaining the visibility of a characteristically humanist approach that is drawing – in the encouragement and refinement of the understanding of drawing, the arts and society at large can benefit. C4RD seeks to facilitate access, research and dialogue for current drawing practice independent of structural forces in commercial and institutional settings.