Black ballpoint pen on paper_011 (2013)

Cinzia Delnevo: Over the last years I created a series of drawings in the same way I created a series of actions in my previous works, in which the element of repetition was always present. Repetition is also my way to relate to automatic writing or automatism. In my practice I use it rigorously and extensively for several hours or even days on the same drawing tracing forms composed of segni minimi, or minimal abstract gestural mantra units to reach a point of deep dissociation from conscious thought. I am focused on the investigation of drawing without a drawing, in the sense of ‘representative’ initial project, not predetermined and in a state of absent will. The media I used allowed me to finely overcome the problem of representation leaving my hand fluidly ‘writing’ and transcending the idea of pre-ordered plan which is the meaning of drawing or designing. cinzia.delnevo(at)