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Greig Burgoyne: I make wall drawings, often large in scale. My work is a result of visual and stylistic scavenging that engages with the found detritus and imagery that is broken, anonymous and the fragmented by-product of contemporary life. In my drawings I try to juxtapose what I have collected and collated. For me drawing is conveying the conflict between appearances and getting to the inner experiences and all that implies, it’s not definitive but part of a cycle. It could be reflective of the journey these found objects and images have taken in their Diaspora from ‘use’ value to detritus into memory. I want to reflect on the paradoxical power of semantics as a precursor to our value and belief systems and create a kind of hieroglyphics. My aims are to express how disparate the motivations may be in the transition from the private experience that drawing begins with, to the ‘spectacle’ of the public arena that it becomes. www.greigburgoyne.com