Residency Archive:

White Noise 

A collaboration between Greig Burgoyne and Rossella Emanuele

May - June 2015

Preview Thursday 4th June 6-9

Viewing 4 -12th June

“The premise of our collaborative residency is that we would not be present at the same time in the gallery space. This working strategy brings the benefit of an inbuilt dialogue and testing of drawing and performance artistic processes. The gallery space becomes a speculative site for contingent making and activities, where each artist negotiates its intervention by responding to what the other has left or not in the space.

In the form of markmaking, walking, combined with repetition, accumulation and endurance, the resulting drawing, installation, film and/or sound works aim to debate how drawing can explore systems of space and thinking. By this we mean the forces of energy and 'becoming' brought into the space in the making of the work and those energies and forces that exist already in and outside of the context and site together.

The notion of the rhizome is a useful means to test out drawing as perfomative practice as it allows us to open up a non-hierarchical way of thinking and responding where there are multiple entry and exit points of interpretation and representation, be it language, gesture, architectural elements and rule based markmaking; its ordering may be random, instinctual or considered. The resulting work we see as propositions only completed or brought into being as a result of the context it is in. The culminating exhibition aims to reconceptualise the body/site relation through performative actions that take the gallery space beyond a condition of stasis to one of translation and flux, a site of experience rather than location; extending the Bergsonian sense of the ‘not yet’ to a becoming of multiplictiy, endurance and duration.” GB + RE

The exhibition can be viewed at the reception (all welcome) on the Wednesday 4 June 6-8pm or from 4 - 12 June during opening times 1 - 6pm Thursday - Saturday, at 2 - 4 Highbury Station Road, Highbury Islington N1 1SB, London. C4RD is a Registered UK Charity 1123530, and would particularly like to acknowledge the support for this exhibition of the Dovehouse Trust.


Greig Burgoyne uses the materials of the office, ranging from post-it notes to flipchart markers, BIC biros to highlighter pens. Burgoyne is attracted by what happens when you extend their regularity and standardised credentials of colour, characteristics of line, absorbency or opacity. Alongside this the work is driven by a process led/ rule based repetition, endurance and accumulation whose starting point is key aspects of the site the work is to be made for; its hierarchies, and energies of distribution as they relate to space.

Burgoyne wrestles between a recording of a space-e.g. it’s physical, static volumes or dimensions with the perception and experience of moving in and around the space itself. The resulting drawing installations, films and wall drawings Burgoyne sees as finite propositions, only completed or brought into being as a result of the context they are in. In doing so, inviting the audience to play a part in the completion of the work whilst challenge /and at other times liberate, our rapport with space beyond something contained and subsequently closed to further development.

Greig Burgoyne was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied at the HAK Vienna and MA painting Royal College of Art, London. Recent Solo projects 2013/14 include Gapfillers Briggait project SPACES 1+2 wasps studios Glasgow FAX Karst Plymouth (group show including Martha Rosler, Richard Wentworth & Clunie Reid); Apparatus L’Escaut Architectures Brussels (group show); We are Oakwood Passage, Stour Valley Arts, Kent (group show with Andrew Kotting); OMON RA The Drawing project IADT Dublin; We are all alternative structures TAP Southend UK (group show) with Ian Giles, Ann Clawson&Ward, Scott Massey and Jean Philippe Dordolo; What is line and how does it moves through space? Frost Art museum, FIU Miami Florida USA (with performance artist Yumino Seki); Découvrir Espace 36 CAC, St Omer France; Dromology –the logic of space South square gallery Bradford UK (group show with Jack Brindley); Forthcoming projects include Scapelands Drawing Box Belgium & La Brasserie CAC Arras France. Burgoyne is Senior lecturer in Fine art at UCA (University for the Creative Arts)

Rossella Emanuele practice proposes the development of performative strategies that address the contextuality of materials, using both live and mediated approaches as a means through which to explore systems of making and thinking within drawing, sculpture, still and moving image and dance. Her current practice is rooted in an investigation of notions of materiality, liquidity and movement in relation to ideas of performativity and embodiment.  The work extends the concept of materiality to include the body and performance embracing compositional dynamics and processes within which materials are set up to actively perform. The approach involves applying process-based methodologies to materials though strategies of repetition and with a speculative interest in breaking down the limits of mediums to privilege the immanence of the act of making over the notion of the permanent object.

Rossella Emanuele was born in Italy and lives and works in London. Her career as an artist has emerged from an early interest and work in the performing arts. Her interests span across a broad range of media, from traditional notions of drawing and sculpture to digital technology, live performance and sound installations. Selected recent projects include - a residency and research project at YARAT Contemporary Art Organization, Baku, Azerbaijan. ALL - art:language:location, Cambridge. SPACE INTERRUPTED - Electro Studios Project Space, St Leonard on Sea. Coastal Currents Arts Festival 2014; UK.ACTSRE-ACTS, Wimbledon Space, London, 2014; ON DRAWING, Symposium and Show - Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA, 2014; Residency with the scientific department for conservation and restoration at LA VENARIA REALE, University of Turin, (IT). WART 2012 - AWARD FOR ART Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence.(IT).Winner of the photographic section. ORTOGRAPHIE, selected group show, Turin, Italy; Tino Seghal selected workshop - for the Turbine Hall Commission 2012, Tate Modern, London. (UK) Forthcoming projects include: exhibition and publication of the Yarat Residency Baku. Her work is in a number of private collections in the UK and internationally.  Emanuele is Lecturer in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and at University of the Arts London (UAL) UK

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