Signs of Protest

During the 2020 global health crisis, C4RD is currently exhibiting online only, which for us is an extension of the Online Residencies we have hosted since 2004.

The pandemic of 2020 has also exacerbated structural inequalities in many societies across the world and given critical energy to the Black Lives Matter Movement. A key signature of this movement are the hand-drawn protest signs held by protesters on marches held to achieve visibility and change.

The hand-drawn (as opposed to printed) nature of these signs – often ad-hoc rather than overly designed – underline the lives lived that are effected in, or supportive of, the Black Lives Matter movement; what is communicated on these signs is not just the explicit message of protest, but the grass roots, personal response that drawing can provide.

We are asking our audience to supply examples of signs that they have witnessed at or made for these marches, which we can then supply as part of this exhibtion. Please send jpeg images of no more than 5MB to info@c4rd.org.uk.

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